beard trimmers used for trimming and shaping

Beard Trim


Whether you require a beard trim, a tidy-up for anything from light stubble to a full beard and sideburns,
or even a full beard reshape then call in and see us.

We will get one of our experienced barbers to trim or cut your beard and moustache into the desired length or shape.

If it is a whole new style of facial hair that you would like then maybe we can help you decide by looking
at the shape of your face and the direction in which your hair grows and maybe offer suggestions on the most
suitable style of beard for you, whether this is ‘goatee’, `anchor’ or ‘dutch’

Once you have decided on the shape of beard that you would like then you can sit back, relax and know that our
professional staff will achieve this for you.
To complete your new style, we will use clippers to grade your beard line perfectly under your chin and use
shaving cream and a straight edged cut-throat razor to tidy and define your cheek and neck line leaving a sharp,
crisp look.

With every beard trim or reshape that we do whether it’s a ‘Garibaldi’, ‘Ducktail’ or even a ‘Bandholtz’ we will
always also consider the moustache as this is an essential part of your overall appearance whether you would
like this to be short and included the overall length or whether you would like this to be worn longer
and styled into a ‘handlebar’.

When we know that you are entirely happy with your finished look, we will then complete your treatment with
a relaxing application of warm conditioning beard oil.


Men’s hair pattern designs complete our treatments.


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