shaving brush with straight razor used for a hot towel shave

Hot Towel Shave


Our hot towel shave or ‘Turkish shave’ as they are also well known is
undoubtedly the most enjoyable of our services.

Whether you have experienced this type of shave before or whether this will be your first professional shave then call in, make yourself comfortable in one of our luxury barbers chairs and let us give you your best shave ever.

We will firstly assess the length of your bristle.
Your beard may need to be
pre-trimmed with clippers before we begin.

Your hot towel shave will start with a continuous stream of warm steam being gently
applied to your face to help open up skin pores and to relax your facial muscles.

Your face will then be wrapped in the first of two hot towels and
we will leave you for a few moments to relax.

Removal of the first towel is then followed with the shave itself.
We will apply a generous lather of shaving cream using a traditional badger hair shaving brush
in a firm circular motion to get between hair strands and to soften the beard.

Your barber will then use a sterile straight-edged cut-throat razor for the first of your two shaves.
The initial shave will be with the grain of your hair working from one side of your face across the chin and neckline to the other side.

Following application of the second hot towel, we replace the cut-throat razor
and repeat the whole process, this time, going against the hair grain to ensure that your skin is left perfectly smooth.

The final stage of your treatment is a cooling towel which is wrapped gently from the base of
your neckline, around the sides of your head to cover your face and which we
leave for around 2/3 minutes.
We will then massage your face with an application of aftershave gel, and you will leave us having had the most relaxing
shave you have ever experienced.
We believe we are your barber shop of choice in Hythe so please pay us a visit to experience this great treatment.


If clean shaven is not your thing try our beard trim or bead shaping treatment.

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