barbers scissors and texturising scissors used for a haircut



Gone are the days when the only men’s haircut on offer was a short back and sides however at the Old Town Barber Shop we want to bring those traditional values to our business together with a sense of community here on the High Street in Hythe.

As a traditional barber in Hythe, modern techniques are at the forefront of the treatments we provide which compliment that old fashioned customer service we offer.

When you call in for your haircut with us, whether you require just a trim or whether it’s a whole new hair style treatment that you would like, one of our barbers will initially discuss your requirements so that we fully understand how you would like your hair cut to look.
Whether you have a chosen style in mind or if you would like suggestions relating to your face and head shape then we will talk you through your options.

Our standard service is for a dry haircut, however if you would like your hair to be washed and conditioned, then we will use appropriate products for your particular hair type and during the process your barber will take a few moments
to carry out a relaxing scalp massage.

Depending on the kind of hair design or style that you have chosen we will use our
experience and a variety of techniques to cut your hair accordingly.
If you have thick, dense hair and would like a more flowing looser feel, then we can achieve this with the use of either thinning scissors or a razor.

For fine, fragile hair however then we would recommend a blunt or ‘solid’ cut which will help to maintain the overall density of your hair and means that the length of your hair will be cut with scissors in sharp graphic lines.

Whatever your hair type or style you require our barbers have the experience to give you the desired result every time you visit us.


Need a shave? Why not have a traditional hot towel shave to compliment your new haircut.

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