barbers hair clippers used when cutting men's hair patterns

Men’s hair patterns


Clipper hair patterns or scalp tattoos as they are also known have their roots firmly in tribal cultures
and were initially inspired by African American men. They have more recently been made popular by many famous
footballers and can be used as an expression of one’s personality making them extremely popular with both
young and old alike.

This type of hair work is always achieved by cutting hair dry and whether you have a design in mind or need the help
of one of our barbers then call in and see us.
Our experience in hair design and pattern work means that we can offer a wide range of variations to
suit your choice of style.

There are two main types of hair pattern techniques that we can offer…
‘Cutting in’ is a process whereby your base hair will be left longer and the pattern will be cut into the hair
OR alternatively ‘Cutting out’ where the base layer is cut much shorter leaving the design
standing proud from the scalp, much like a 3D effect.

Regardless of the hair decoration that you have selected before we begin your artwork,
the area of hair to be worked on will be cut to an appropriate length using scissors and clippers.
The length of your base hair will depend on your individual hair colour and texture as well as it’s thickness.

A variety of techniques will then be used to transfer the design to your head.
Whether this is a simple skin fade technique, tramline design or more
complicated maze or geometric pattern which requires a variation in hair length in
order to create shading, Clippers and T-bar Clippers with varying blades
and guards will be used as well as barbers shears.

Your chosen design is only limited by your imagination, and a unique design may incorporate a combination
of techniques adding interest and dimension.

The finished result will be as individual as you.

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