Everything you need to know about using this #1 tool barbers tool, the barbers scissors.

Barbers scissors.



The barbers scissor is the most valuable tool in performing a man’s haircut. To be a professional barber, you should be able to identify different types of barbers scissors, demonstrate how to hold them correctly and how to perform all kinds of men’s hairstyles.

In the following article, we have covered everything that you need to know about barbers scissors, particularly the skill of the barber in the use of such kind of tools. Read on to find out more.

How to hold barbers scissor correctly



The correct way to hold barbers scissors tightly is by using your third finger. If you use your middle finger or index finger, the blades will not have enough support.

You should always palm your scissors whenever you are using them with your comb to eliminate any chance of stabbing yourself. Palming only means taking your thumb away from the handle. Make sure they are comfortable in your hands and they are acting as an extension of your fingers.

Another way of holding them correctly is to hold them as often as possible. When you are cutting or trimming hair, make sure it is only the top of the blade and thumb that are moving.


Barbers scissors - Barbers shears

How to hold scissors and comb together


Barber’s scissors are used together with a comb. To be a successful barber, you must know how to keep these two components of barbering. Both your scissors and comb should be held together in one hand. This can feel uncomfortable and awkward at first but with a lot of practice, you will find it much easier.

There are two ways of holding your barber scissors and comb in one hand. The first one is to take your thumb out of the handle and grip them using your little finger while allowing the blades to drop downwards. Your comb should be held in a way that it points upwards while one end sits on the palm.

The second technique is to take your thumb out of the handle but make sure it (handle) is sitting against your palms while the blades point upwards. The comb is gripped between your index finger and thumb.

In both ways, your scissor and comb should always feel comfortable in your hand. If done correctly, you will eliminate chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or getting hand fatigue.


Does the Size of barbers scissors matter?

Some hair stylists prefer the use of long scissors while others prefer short. However, the type of hair scissors to use will depend on the type of men’s hairstyle that you want to achieve. When determining the size, the length is measured from the end of the longest finger hole to the tip of the blade.

To find your ideal size, put a pair of barbers scissors in the palm of your hand and make the tip of the blade is in line with the tip of your middle finger and finger hole on the longest handle is touching the base of your thumb.


Type of blades that are best for most haircut styles


The two categories of blades for cutting most hair styles include bevelled edge blade and convex blade. The type of blade you choose depends on personal preference, your experience and what you can afford.

Bevelled-edge blades are designed from a mixture of lightweight metals. They stop the hair from sliding down, so they are good when learning how to cut hair. They are also ideal for use on dry hair or slow detail cutting. They are not good when performing slice haircut as the hair will accumulate on the blade.

Convex blades are the sharpest blades designed with a razor-like edge. They are made of high-quality stainless steel which means they are a little heavier compared to bevelled edge blades. All scissors with convex blades are hollow ground, so it is easier to sharpen them. They also give a very smooth hair cutting action. They are good for slicing because of their extreme sharp edge.



Straight Scissors vs Thinning Scissors


Straight Scissors


Straight scissors are used to perform the majority of men’s hairstyles. You are recommended to purchase two sizes of these scissors. The small one is used for picking elevating the hair and cutting it over your fingers. They are also used to cut the hairline on the back of the neck and around the ear. They are safe for use, and you are less likely to cut your customer or your fingers while using them

The Larger size is more efficient when cutting hair over the comb. They cover a larger area making it easier for you to take fewer sections. When taking fewer sections of hair, you are less likely to end up with imperfections and marks. Their larger weight makes it easier for you when cutting thicker or wet hair.


Thinning Scissors


This type is ideal for texturizing hair and removing bulk from thicker hair. They are two commons types that are known for performing most men’s hairstyles.

The first type is the 40-44 tooth thinning scissor, which is the most popular in performing men’s haircutting. It is perfect for tapering and blending hair.

The second type is the full tooth thinning or simply texturising scissor. This type of thing is designed with 28 teeth. It is ideal for texturizing hair that is extremely thick.

How often do barbers shears and scissors need lubricating, cleaning and sharpening?


Scissors should be cleaned after every use by brushing off the previous customer’s hair pieces and dirt. You should then dip them into a disinfectant and rub them with a towel to dry. You should also apply a few drops of oil after every use to keep screws lubricated, and the blades opening.

When it comes to sharpening, it depends on how often you use them, the type of hair cutting you do and the type of blade you are using. They should be sharpened at least three times a year.




You should take pride in your men’s hairstyle work. If you are a newbie, practice holding them, providing the necessary support, opening and closing them until the skill becomes a hobby. You should keep in mind that this tool is the foundation of haircut of any kind, barbering skills, and techniques.

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